Mill MBU-370 / 5.5



Mill MBU-370 / 5.5



Engine power

5.5 kW

Engine revolutions

2800 rpm

Rotor diameter

370 mm


400V - 50Hz - 3 ph

Dimensions of flails

94 mm x 40 mm x 8 mm

Number of beaters

24 pcs

Overall dimensions of the shredder

AxBxH 1200 mm x 750 mm x 1400 mm


120 kg



The MBU-370 / 5.5 kW beater mill is a universal mill designed for grinding post-production waste. It also copes well with cardboard, paper, wood chips, grain, straw, etc.

There are 24 hammers on the shaft. Thanks to the opening cutting chamber, their replacement and maintenance is very simple. The mill is driven by 2 V-belts and a 5.5 kW motor. The device is equipped with a control box. The dimensions of the inlet and the diameters of the holes in the sieve can be adapted to the customer's needs. The size of the material fraction depends on the diameter of the holes in the sieve.


The crushed material is charged to the side with the mill's hopper, which, due to its length, also serves as a cover and protects against placing hands in the working space. The material is fragmented by beaters mounted on the working shaft. After shredding, the material is poured into a container or it can be transported further by a belt conveyor.