RJ-260 Single-Shaft Shredder

RJ-260/600/18,5 KW, RJ-260/600/22 KW, RJ-260/800/22 KW, RJ-345/800/30 KW, RJ-345/1000/37 KW, RJ-345/1000/45 kW

single-shaft shredder

Power supply 400 V – 50 Hz – 3 phases.
Main drive motor 18,5 kW
Shaft diameter 260 mm
Length of the cutting shaft 600 mm
Material pressure hydraulic
Diameter of the woodchip catching spigot 160 mm
Weight 1280 kg
Overall dimensions of the shredder A x B x H – 1725mm x 1195mm x 1700mm
Dimensions of the chute A x B x H – 900 mm x 630 mm x 880 mm
Dimensions of the working chamber A x B – 720 mm x 630 mm

RJ-260/600/22 single-shaft shredder is used for shredding various wooden elements: constructions, blocks with a diameter of about 40 cm, pallets, post-production wooden waste, plastic packaging, foil, cardboard, paper etc. The device has 8-edge cutting blades made of hardened tool steel (1 edge is working during grinding). The blades can also be sharpened. The device has a control box that implements the work program of the machine. The dimensions of the chute and the diameter of the holes in the sieve can be adjusted to the needs of the customer.

In order to improve the performance parameters of the RJ-260/600/22 shredder, a study was carried out on the functioning of the cutting system at the Technical University of Krakow. As a result, the structural corrections have been proposed which are introduced in the subsequent copies of the machine. The result of the study was also the introduction of a GSM communication module, which enables remote setting and reading of the operating parameters of the shredder. Communication is accomplished through SMS text messages. Thanks to this solution one can read and determine, among others, the machine operating time, main shaft reversing time in the case of overloading, setting startup time parameters, setting startup and operating current protection, number of main drive starting attempts during overloading, number of empty runs of hydraulic pressure drawer that causes turning off the machine. Communication module in GSM network is installed on customer’s request.

Price RJ-260/600/18,5 kW – 17 500 Euro net + 23% VAT ( gross: 21 525 Euro )

Price RJ-260/600/18,5 kW – 18 600 Euro net + 23% VAT ( gross: 22 878 Euro ) – version with a woodchips ejector