RF-420 double shaft shredder


Engine power 2x22 kW, 2 × 30 kW, 2 × 37 kW
Sowing 400V - 50Hz - 3 ph
Shaft diameter with knives 400 mm, 420 mm
The length of the cutting shaft 1,200 mm
Number of cutting shafts 2 pcs.
Number of knives on the shaft 20 pcs
The dimensions of the working chamber AxB 1200 mm x 850 mm
Overall dimensions of the shredder AxBxH 4217 mm x 1190 mm x 2315 mm
Mass 4,559 kg


The RF-420/1200 shredder is the largest two-shaft shredder in our offer. The machine has a control box that carries out the work program. The cutters, as in the case of the RF-290/1000 model, are mounted on a hexagonal shaft. The dimensions of the inlet and the diameters of the holes in the sieve can be adapted to the required fraction of grinding.
The shredder has a wide range of applications, it is recommended for the initial shredding of pallets, car bumpers, plastic, cardboard, paper, wooden waste, etc.
Its capacity ranges from 2.5 to about 6 m3 / h  and depends on the type of material to be shredded and the power of the installed engines .


We also make shredders for an additional fee in a version made of stainless or acid-resistant steel.


RF-420/1200/2×22 kW - 87 000 EUR net + 23% VAT (107 010 EUR gross).

RF-420/1200/2×30 kW - 102 800 EUR net + 23% VAT (126 444 EUR gross).