WLE – 320 Construction Hoisting Winch with Gearbox

Technical information:

Maximum lift capacity 320 kg
Lifting height max 50 m
Capacity of rope drum in 5 layers 100 m
Drum referencing moment for 5th layer 272 Nm
Speed of loaded rope winding in 1st layer 0.25 m/s
Mechanism work intensity according to ISO-4301/1 M2
Diameter of working rope max 6,3 mm
Basic weight of the winch 100 kg

The electric rope winch is a portable device and is used for construction and assembly works and others, in lifting the loads up to 3.2 kN (320 kG) on the max. height of 50 m.  It has adjustable load lifting and lowering speed, single-phase 230 V power supply, the ability to set the lifting height, unwinding and unwinding the rope on the drum.

On individual orders we also make winches with the lifting height of over 100 m.

Price 2 200 Euro net + 23% VAT ( gross: 2 706 Euro ).