About Us

Our main activity is the production and repair of shredding machines for plastics, wood, branches and other materials

According to the requirements of our customers, we design and manufacture untypical shredding and grinding machines, regenerate and manufacture parts. We produce chippers for branches of various sizes, driven by the tractors and electric and combustion motors.

Also in our production offer you may find the construction hoist winches, worm gearboxes and gears, hand drives for honey extractors and cooperative services.

         Zakład Mechaniczny “Precyzja” Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Czchów operates since 1988, it was established on the basis of family, long-standing craft tradition dating back to the 50’s.

Currently we are a leading manufacturer of various types of shredding and grinding machines in our region.

         Our company is also specialized in manufacturing metal products where metal machining is performed: turning, milling, grinding, plasma cutting, making welded construction and painting.

         We have numerically controlled machines- CNC, as well as conventional, and highly qualified personnel. Our plant cooperates with other companies, thus increasing its production and technological capabilities.

        By using EU funds, the plant will increase and modernize the machinery and increase the production area. Gradually new and more technologically advanced products are introduced. Our products are sold in Poland as well as in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and other countries.

        In order to modernize its products, the Plant has cooperated with Technical University of Krakow. In order to improve the performance parameters of the RJ-205/600/18.5 shredder, a study was carried out on the functioning of the cutting system at the Technical University of Krakow. As a result, the structural corrections have been proposed which are introduced in the subsequent copies of the product. Moreover, a GSM communication module was introduced as a result of the study. It allows for a remote setting and reading of the operating parameters of the machine.