Belt conveyor



Przenośnik taśmowy łamany


Power 400V - 50Hz - 3ph
Engine 0.75 kW
Gear i = 25
Mass 207 kg
Dimensions  4137 mm x 586 mm x 1954 mm 
Belt dimensions 8780 mm (circumference) x 350 mm


The conveyor is built as a structure made of bent and welded sheets. The transport rollers are made of steel pipes, the conveyor belt is made of rubber with thresholds. The device is driven by a 0.75 kW three-phase electric motor, about 1410 rpm through a worm gear with a ratio of i = 25. Loading takes place directly from the shredding device.

Belt conveyor - 4 500 EUR net + 23 % VAT (5 535 EUR gross).