The diameter of the branches to be cut 90 mm
Chips length 70-80 mm (2 knives), 35-40 mm (4 knives)
Power demand 28-60 hp
PTO revolutions Max 540 rpm
Number of rollers pulling the branches 2 pcs.
Roller drive Mechanical
Mass 360 kg
Overall dimensions of the chipper AxBxH 2,950 mm x 895 mm x 2,500 mm

The chipper has a trailer hitch



RD-104 has 2 shafts pulling branches, which makes it perfect even with heavily forked branches. The rigid structure makes it much stronger and faster, and also enables more effective work. It allows you to cut branches with a diameter of about 90 mm. Designed for tractors with a power of 28 to 60 HP, driven by a PTO shaft.

Especially recommended for fruit growers, foresters, road administrators as well as for users who need the wood chips to be poured onto a trailer that is attached to a chipper mounted on a tractor. It has a 360-degree rotation around the vertical axis, in the direction of chip ejection. This allows the chipper to constantly move along with the tractor and trailer along the rows in the orchard, roads or ditches where we cut branches that we want to crush at the same time. Pay attention to the speed when the branches are pulled in by the pulling rollers, which is approximately 140 m / min. Therefore, it is a very efficient chipper, but requires 2-3 people to handle.

The model is equipped with a safety switch that allows you to stop the device in an emergency. It has a built-in trailer hitch.


RD-104 – 2 900 EUR net + 23% VAT (3 567 EUR gross) –  version with 360 ° ejector, 2 pulling rollers + flywheel + safety switch

Attachment for bagging for two bags for an additional fee 300 EUR net + 23% VAT (369 EUR grss).

RD-104 driven by a Lombardini diesel engine with a capacity of 42 HP, mounted on a car trailer - for cutting branches up to about 9 cm thick - 15 500 EUR net + 23% VAT (19 065 EUR gross).