Wood chipper RD-105




Wood chipper RD-105



The diameter of the branches to be cut 90 mm
Chips length approx. 20 mm (6 knives + shredding device)
Power demand 50-60 hp
PTO revolutions Max 540 rpm
Number of rollers pulling the branches 2 pcs.
Roller drive Mechanical
Mass 430 kg
The chipper has a trailer hitch


It is based on the RD-104 chipper. What distinguishes it is the 6-knife shaft and the chip shredding mechanism. In this way, we obtain a very fine chip of approximately 20 mm. Equipped with two pulling rollers, it copes with branched limbs. The chips, after being cut on a six-knife shaft, are thrown onto the flail shaft, where they are further fragmented. The material obtained in this way is perfect for combustion in furnaces with a screw conveyor. It is also eagerly used by gardening companies for mulching or, for example, for smokehouses.

The RD-105 chipper allows you to cut branches with a diameter of up to about 90 mm. Driven by a PTO shaft, it is designed for tractors with a power of 50 to 60 HP.


RD-105 – 4 000 EUR net + 23% VAT (4 929 EUR gross) - version with 360 ° ejector, 2 pulling rollers + flywheel + safety switch, six-knife cutting shaft, chip shredding mechanism

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