Single-shaft shredder RJ-260/500/15 kW



Main drive motor 15 kW
Sowing 400V - 50Hz - 3 ph
Shaft diameter with knives 260 mm
The length of the cutting shaft 500 mm
The diameter of the chip suction socket 160 mm
Weight approx 650 kg
Overall dimensions of the shredder AxBxH - 850 mm x 1000 mm x 1705 mm
The dimensions of the hopper AxBxH - 850 mm x 508 mm x 930 mm
The dimensions of the working chamber AxB - 508 mm x 258 mm


The RJ-260/500/15 kW single-shaft shredder is a compact version of the RJ-260/600 / 18.5 kW model. It is perfect for places with limited space, where it is not possible to install a device with larger dimensions. The overall dimensions differ from the RJ-260/600 / 18.5 kW model. It is used for shredding plastics (foil, plastic packaging, etc.), wood (wood waste, pallets, etc.), post-production waste, electric wires, cardboard, paper and similar materials. The device has 12 pieces of lace knives and two pieces of flat knives, made of hardened tool steel (1 edge works during shredding, which allows you to change the position of the lace knife 4 times). The device has a control box that carries out the machine's work program.


Rozdrabniacze za dopłatą wykonujemy również w wersji ze stali nierdzewnej lub kwasoodpornej.


RJ-260/500/15 KW - 14 900 EUR net + 23% VAT (18 327 EUR gross).

The above-mentioned shredder model can be fitted with a woodchip ejector at an additional cost 750 EUR net + 23% VAT (922,50 EUR gross).