Single shaft shredder RJ-260/250



Single shaft shredder RJ-260/250


Power 400V - 50Hz - 3ph.
Main drive motor 15 kW
Shaft diameter 260 mm
The length of the cutting shaft 250 mm
Material feeding 2 immersive rollers
The diameter of the chip suction socket 160 mm
Mass 500 kg
Overall dimensions of the shredder A x B x H - 1750mm x 880mm x 1270mm
The dimensions of the hopper A x B - 610 mm x 470 mm
The dimensions of the working chamber A x B - 98 mm x 230 mm


The RJ-260/250/15 KW is a special model of the shredder designed for shredding into a fine fraction of long waste (cuttings) resulting from the processing of sawn timber. It is a combination of solutions used in the chipper (drawing rollers) and shredders of the RJ series (milling shaft and sieve). In addition, the pulling shafts have a separate drive with an adjustable, stepless feed rate via an inverter. Thanks to these connections, this model allows you to adjust the size of the shredded fraction and is perfect for carpentry shops when shredding wooden elements: strips, post-production scraps, branches with a diameter of up to 90 mm.

The device has 4 edge cutting knives made of hardened tool steel (1 edge works during shredding). The material is fed through 2 pulling rollers with adjustable rotational speed (feed regulation). The device has a control box that carries out the machine's work program. The dimensions of the filling and the diameters of the holes in the sieve can be adapted to the customer's needs.


RJ-260/250/15 kW  – 12 800 EUR net + 23% VAT (15 744 EUR gross).