Development of the concept and design assumptions of the cutting unit of the shredder, as well as the development of the concept and design of the communication track for the production by Zakład Mechaniczny PRECYZJA Sp. z o. o. RJ-205/600 / 18.5 crusher


Project objectives and planned effects:

The subject of the project is the purchase of research and development services related to the development of an improved product - RJ-205/600 / 18.5 shredder by developing a concept, design assumptions and a project to implement improvements to our RJ-205/600 / 18.5 shredder.
Experience in the grinding of various materials proves that it is difficult to eliminate small metal elements from the materials to be comminuted, therefore it is reasonable to improve the cutting system in such a way that it is capable of grinding small metal elements. The necessity of frequent sharpening of cutting knives and their replacement causes downtime at work and increases operating costs.
Remote control of the machine operating parameters and their adjustment will contribute to the professional service of these devices by the manufacturer. Users often have problems because they do not have adequately qualified personnel. This solution will lower the costs of servicing by reducing the number of trips, and will also improve the quality of monitoring of the operation of machines, which will result in a longer service life.
The rationality of the project consists in the introduction of modern solutions in the field of the cutting system and remote control of the machine operating parameters and their adjustment. We want to improve the technical level of the product by introducing new technologies.

The proposed changes will increase the usability of the machine. The operational reliability will improve, the number of failures and related downtimes will decrease, we will achieve higher customer satisfaction with the operation of our devices.

The received subsidy for the purchase of research and development works will allow for the development of the production of innovative devices, we will introduce a significantly improved product, and the company's turnover will increase. Our company will be perceived as more innovative and competitive in relation to other companies offering similar machines. The implementation of the project will allow for long-term cooperation with research and development units, which will contribute to the increase in the modernization of our company in the future in the production of other products.


Project value: PLN 95,940.00

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 70,200.00