RF-137 double shaft shredder


Engine power 3 kW (4kW option)
Sowing 400V - 50Hz - 3 ph
The diameter of the cutters 137 mm
The length of the cutting shafts 260 mm
Number of cutting shafts

2 pcs.

Number of knives on the shaft

10 pcs.

The dimensions of the hopper AxB 490mm x 490mm
Overall dimensions of the shredder AxBxH 960mm x 550mm x 1510mm
Mass 200 kg


The RF-137/260/3 kW (4kW option) is the smallest shredder in our offer. Quiet operation and small dimensions make it useful in places with limited space. The shredder is equipped with a worm gear and a 3 kW motor. The device has a control box that carries out the machine's work program. The dimensions of the filling and the diameters of the holes in the sieve can be adapted to the customer's needs. The size of the material fraction depends on the diameter of the holes in the sieve.

The machine is recommended for shredding thin plastic and cardboard elements, paper, small packages, dry bread, small bones, etc.


The shredded material is charged from the top with the chipper's hopper, which, due to its height, also acts as a cover and protects against placing hands in the working space. The fragmentation of the material takes place between two shafts rotating at different speeds in opposite directions, with attached knives, most often in the shape of a three-flute milling cutter. Gears with different numbers of teeth cause the shafts to rotate at different rotational speeds. The combs are used to remove material from the space between the knives, they are used for preliminary grinding with the screen removed. The sieve is an element that passes only the fractions with the desired granulation and is used when the combs are removed. The control system ensures continuous operation while shredding materials. Every longer engine overload, mainly caused by hard material, it is detected by the control. The direction of rotation is then changed in order to retract the crushing rollers. Working parameters can be set with a computer program. After shredding, the material is poured into a container or it can be transported further by a belt conveyor. Removing the container from under the machine disables the microswitch, which prevents the device from being turned on.


The above-mentioned shredder is also available for an additional fee in a version made of stainless or acid-resistant steel.


RF-137/260/3 kW -  6 100 EUR net + 23% VAT (7 503 EUR gross).