Chipper for branches


Professionally designed, solidly made, reliable in operation!


Our offer includes chippers of various types - driven by electric or combustion engines or agricultural tractors. These devices, depending on the type, shred branches with a thickness of 5 to 150 mm for a soft tree. The wood chipper type RD-104 and RD-107S enables cutting wood and branches into lengths of about 70 - 80 mm with two cutting knives, 35 - 40 mm with four knives and 15 - 20 mm with six knives (RD-105). The cut pieces of wood are poured onto a trailer or a pile. The chippers are mounted on the tractor and are driven from the tractor drive shaft. Each of our chippers for branches and wood is very efficient and ensures safe work. The devices are sold on the Polish market as well as abroad, including in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


The RD-108 tree chipper is recommended for allotment gardeners, as it shreds branches up to 5 cm in diameter. Responding to the needs of our customers, we offer the RD-104 wood chipper with a 360-degree position around the vertical axis with the direction of chip ejection. This type of wood chipper is especially designed for fruit growers, road administrators, as well as for users who need the wood chips to be poured onto a trailer attached to the chipper mounted on a tractor. It allows the chipper to constantly move along with the tractor and trailer along the rows in the orchard, roads or ditches, where we cut branches that we want to crush at the same time. The cheap chipper RD-107 S also has similar advantages.



Branch chippers

Chippers for branches are used both in the broadly understood carpentry industry, as well as in private use. Depending on the needs, we have various models of chippers for branches, among which we distinguish three basic types, which are divided according to the type of engine used, and these are:
     • chippers powered by electric motors,
     • wood chippers,
     • chippers driven by agricultural tractors.
Depending on the needs, our devices are able to crush branches with a thickness of 5 to even 150 mm, assuming that we are dealing with soft wood. However, our devices are also used for chopping hardwood, but here the thickness depends on the specific parameters of the machine.

It is worth noting that we have wood chippers dedicated to both large companies and enterprises, as well as private individuals. Wood chippers are more and more often used on plots or in gardens, as well as in home gardens. No wonder - thanks to these devices, garden work as well as the operation of large industrial plants become not only more convenient, but also give the opportunity to perform them faster and more accurately.

Our wood chippers - regardless of whether we are talking about those that are dedicated to private individuals or companies, are entirely made in Poland. This means that both the waiting time for the delivery of the machine, as well as the availability of parts for it, do not require much time. It is also worth noting that all chippers for branches that are available in our offer are distinguished by high quality. We pay great attention to whether the chippers are made of high-quality materials, which guarantees their durability for many years. Our meticulousness in the selection of materials, as well as attention to the process of making machines, has been appreciated many times not only in Poland, but also in Western Europe - including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have been cooperating with contractors in these countries to this day.


Chippers for branches - what is their use?

As the name suggests, wood chippers are a great convenience when it comes to cutting branches into different pieces of different thickness. Often chippers for branches are also used in company with shredders, especially if we are talking about the carpentry industry. The combination of chippers for branches with the work of shredders allows not only to significantly improve the work of a given company, but also plays a significant role when it comes to care for the environment. Chippers for branches allow for multiple use of a given raw material, thanks to which the scale of felling trees in forests is significantly reduced. This, in turn, significantly improves the condition of our environment. That is why the popularity of these machines is constantly growing, and we care about their quality.


Wood chippers - in which industries are they used?

Wood chippers are best suited primarily to carpentry workshops and furniture wholesalers. Wherever it is necessary to work with wood and its processing, wood chippers will be used. These devices are characterized by very high efficiency and - which is extremely crucial - low - as for this type of machine - demand for electricity. Modern, fully computerized control panels allow you to set a precise program, which allows you to significantly save time spent on wood cutting. What's more, many devices available in our offer can be controlled remotely, which allows for greater freedom in their use. It is also worth emphasizing that due to the highest quality of our devices and the technology that was used to create them, they are distinguished by extremely high efficiency. Thanks to these features, wood chippers have become one of the basic tools that are used in the carpentry industry. However, this is not their only use.

Nowadays, more and more people decide to have their own plot or simply - a house with a garden. There, too, wood is necessary - even in a situation where the heating of our house is a fireplace and requires fuel in the form of wood. It is much more convenient to use a professional wood chipper for this purpose than to do this work yourself. In this way, we can spend more time on pleasant moments at the barbecue on the plot and indulge in the pleasures of being outdoors. We have wood chippers with parameters adapted to the needs of private customers. These devices are much smaller, they also require much less energy to run them and are characterized by very intuitive operation, thanks to which even a person not related to the carpentry industry will be able to operate our devices without any problems.


Wood chippers - learn about their greatest advantages

Versatility when it comes to the use of wood chippers is something that does not make any sense to argue with. It is worth noting, however, that this is not the only advantage of these machines. The most important advantages of professional wood chippers include:
     • individually adjusted parameters, depending on the customer's needs,
     • the highest quality of materials from which these devices were made,
     • precision and very high work efficiency,
     • low demand for electricity in the case of devices powered by electricity,
     • relatively low purchase cost in relation to the quality of the devices we offer,
     • significant reduction in the consumption of the natural raw material, which is wood, thanks to the possibility of its reuse,
     • streamlining the processes of utilization of unsuitable wood for re-use,
     • diversified and tailor-made possibilities of purchasing our devices.
It should also not be forgotten that the purchase of a wood chipper should be considered as an investment. These are devices that will serve us for many years. In a situation where there is a need to modernize them, there will be no problem with the purchase of appropriate parts for the selected model, because all our machines are manufactured in Poland.


Industries where wood chippers are used

We already know that wood chippers - both hard and soft - have a number of advantages that allow you to improve the work of the selected company. It is worth noting, however, that wood chippers are used not only in the carpentry industry, but also in many others, such as:
     • furniture wholesalers,
     • gardening wholesalers,
     • paper processing,
     • plants for the production of materials made of wood,
     • furniture renovation plants,
     • private - owners of houses, gardens, allotments, farms.
In other words, wherever one of the basic raw materials necessary to create a product is wood, wood chippers will be used. It is also worth noting that our offer includes machines that will be ideally suited to the needs of the selected industrial sector or private recipient.


Why is it worth investing in a professional tree chipper?

The purchase of a professional branch chipper is not only an opportunity to increase the efficiency of a given production plant. It is also an opportunity to effectively and most importantly, very efficiently increase the productivity of a given plant. However, this is not all that you need to remember when choosing the right chipper for your needs. It is also very important that there are a number of different options when it comes to buying this type of device. You can decide to buy a professional wood chipper for cash, but this is not the only form of purchase. For our customers, we also have an individual system of purchase in installments - tailored to the customer's capabilities. Our machines can also be purchased in the form of leasing - here we also offer a very wide range of financing such a device. In other words, we make sure that each of our customers gains the greatest comfort when it comes to purchasing our machines.

In addition to various forms of financing the purchase of wood chippers, we also provide comprehensive service for each order: from the very beginning to its finalization. Each wood chipper, as well as other machines available in our offer, are covered by the manufacturer's warranty and have service provided. Thanks to this, the customer can be sure that he is buying high-quality devices that he does not have to worry about in any way.
High quality materials, a reputable Polish manufacturer as well as the ability to adjust the parameters of a specific machine according to your own individual preferences make the purchase of wood chippers completely hassle-free and pleasant. The execution of the order, due to the fact that the machines are not imported from abroad, runs smoothly and quickly. The highest quality of workmanship ensures a long service life of the machines. When choosing our wood chippers, you choose what is most important: quality, attractive price and a product tailored to your preferences. So far, we have been trusted by many customers - both private and business owners from all over Poland, but also from abroad. We believe that this group will gradually grow - perhaps you will decide to buy our machines for chopping branches? We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer in detail and to contact our experts.

The devices have an EC declaration of conformity confirming that they meet the requirements of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and the requirements of harmonized standards:
PN-EN ISO 12100: 2011 Safety of machinery - General principles of design - Risk assessment and risk reduction
PN-EN 953 + A1: 2009 Machinery - Safety - Guards - General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards